Beauty Treatments

Facial Treatments

The purpose of the facial treatments is to take care and improve the condition of your skin.

Our facials are tailored to you skin type.

By a skin analysis, we determine you skin type, and which products are suitable for the correct facial.

We use paraben free and hypoallergenic products ExtensoDive, Gerovital and Aslavital (Dr. Ana Aslan).

Body Treatments

The treatments consist of an introductory exfoliation, massage, body wrap and final treatment. Our body wraps are composed of nourishing oils, minerals or herbs and restore the natural balance of your skin.

Hand and Foot Treatments

During the hand and foot care treatment your hands and feet will be pampered.

The hands and feet are scrubbed and calluses of the feet become softened and treated.

Your hands and feet get a paraffin mask, nails filed and cuticles are cared for. Finally, the nails are painted with a color of your choice.


Sweet & Smooth Amsterdam is always looking for new great quality products for you.

Extra behandelingen

Shape it!

Body sugar your intimate area. You can choose; let us remove all your pubic hair or to style your pubic hair in the shape you like.

Most ladies who do not want to remove all the hair, choose to leave a stripe or traingle shape. But there are many other shapes possible to embellish your intimate area (playboy bunny, flowers, stars, etc.) . Ofcourse you have to have enough pubic hair to have a shape made. The more hair to work with, the more beautiful the result.

Another popular choise is to remove all the hair down there. We call it the Full Amsterdam.

Color it!

Betty Beauty Color for the hair down there!

Natural Colors

Not everyone likes to have their hair removed. But what if your hair is getting grey anad you don't like that either? Don't worry! We have a great solution for you. Betty Beauty Color for the hair down there! The natural colors will cover all your grey hair.

Fun Colors

Or maybe you want to surprise your partner or try something different just because its fun and sexy? We have some beautiful colors for you!

Bling it!

Vajazzle is the art of adding or crystals on or around your pubic area. The (Swarovski) crystals are attached to the skin with a skin friendly glue.

The skin has to be smooth, dry and clean without any irritation or little wounds. Before the crystals can be attached to the skin, you have to have had a hair removal treatment.

The designs will stick to the skin for about 5 to 7 days. The crystals can be reattached if you like.

Vatooing is another fun way to adorn your body. There are many designs and colors you can choose from. From hearts to start signs, the name of your boyfriend or the flag of oyur country, almost anything is possible.

The "vatoo" stays on the skin for about 7 days. It can easily be removed earlier.


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